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Next Piano-Yoga® Club 22 May 2020: How your attitude can dramatically influence your playing !

How many times have we felt that we are ready to perform, as we know the piece really well, we played it perfectly at the last rehearsal, it should have been great... only to find ourselves in a situation where we (often again!) ‘lost it’ when playing in public. Some people lose it completely, suddenly forgetting the music and even leaving the stage in the middle of their performance, but some who play until the end, feel disappointed by not having conveyed the musical content to the extend they wanted, by not being as expressive or persuasive as they intended.

Often this is not due to a lack of preparation (as, of course, if we are not well prepared, it's very unlikely that we will play better in public). Having said this, a small number of people, mostly children, do indeed end up performing better in public than anticipated, and it's often connected with the adrenal gland doing them a favour rather than negatively affecting their performance, which is the case in most situations.

So, why does this happen? Why, when everything should have been going so well, do we feel as though a truck almost drove through our 'musical bodies' and nothing was left from the performance, which we were so much looking forward to?

At the next Piano-Yoga® Club Online on the 22nd of May ay 6:30 pm London time, we will be focusing exactly on this situation. We will look into all the reasons why this may keep on happening and then, most importantly, the ways to overcome this situation. We will also look further into a scenario where we make a firm decision on how we would like our performance to go, and use certain strategies in order to preserve this decision, and make it happen.

Our Piano-Yoga® Club Online attracts like-minded people, including intermediate to advanced amateur players as well as professional pianists.

In this interactive event you will get the chance to try various strategies and exercises, which will certainly make your performance experience much more solid and convincing. Being a concert pianist myself, with over 30 years of teaching experience, I am always surprised to see how amateur musicians under-appreciate this practice stage of preparation for public performance, which is so vital, whilst many professional pianists pay great attention to this aspect and dedicate a lot of preparation time to it.

The registration is still open for out next Piano-Yoga Club Online. May ticket includes a special offer: you can bring a friend absolutely free as long as you let us know in advance by 4pm London time on the day of the event at the latest, and receive conformation back from us.

If you think you or someone you know and care about, may benefit from this event, please feel free to send them the link to the registration.

I wish you may continue to stay safe and well &

look forward to seeing you in our virtual musical environment!


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