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GéNIA, creator of Piano-Yoga®:

"I originally created the Piano-Yoga® method for myself when I was asked to perform Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and needed to build up the strength in my fingers quickly and, more importantly, increase my span on the piano.

I extensively researched through a lot of musical literature but although I found separate exercises I could not find one coherent course that could do both of these things in a short space of time.

With my performance deadline approaching I had no choice but to design a whole course for myself. The swift results and success I achieved with the Piano-Yoga® method were astounding and I started applying the method to all the students I taught, with rewarding effects.

My students started to ask me if I could give them printed copies of the Piano-Yoga® exercises so they could practice them at home and as a result I developed Piano-Yoga® "Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises" was created. 

Originally the course was compiled from Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga® and Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga® and was aimed at intermediate and advanced players. However after working through these exercises with my students I thought it would be also beneficial for beginners to do Piano-Yoga® exercises. This is how the Preliminary Stage: Foundation Piano-Yoga® was developed. After spending some time on this programme I felt the need to develop it further and created Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga® which is aimed mainly at advanced players.  

After doing the course for a number of years I could not help but notice the Piano-Yoga® exercises and approach also worked on a psychological level. Just doing these exercises kept me balanced and prepared me for my daily practice and performances. Also coaching a number of students, especially nervous before their public performances, allowed me to introduce Piano-Yoga® to them. This is how the "Piano-Yoga®: How to overcome stage fright and make adrenaline work for you" workshop was created."

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