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'It really does work! Many pianists have been helped by this unorthodox and original method' Piano Professional

This course is based on the Preliminary Stage, Foundation Piano-Yoga® and Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1 for Small Hands, from GéNIA's highly acclaimed Piano-Yoga® Book 'Transform Your Hands': 'a unique hand and finger workout that can do more for your technique than hours of practising pieces: the muscles of your hands could become much stronger and in turn your finger flexibility should increase'. 
The aim of the Preliminary Stage is to prepare you for the main work in Stages 1, 2 and 3, where, as the programme continues, your span on the keyboard may also increase. Your hands may even feel and seem larger!' 
Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga® is designed for intermediate to advanced pianists and the most important in the whole course which is why it is referred to as Core Piano-Yoga®. It was originally created by GéNIA as the primary set of piano exercises to help stretch her hands and fingers and perform Sergei Rachmaninoff 'Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini'. All the other stages were created later and work in conjunction with Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®.
Available via Vimeo on Subscription Basis £5.21 per month. You can watch on Laptop, iPhone, iPad online and offline.


"GéNIA is one of the most exciting, dynamic and daring pianists I've met in recent years. Her approach to the development of piano technique and personal development are both highly effective and original, combining the Russian tradition with a modern holistic musical outlook. I recommend the Piano-Yoga® course ’Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide’  most highly."

Douglas Finch, Professor of Piano and Composition, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London

This  4.5 hour course was created by the Russian concert pianist, composer & educator GéNIA to help intermediate to advanced pianists maximise their home practice. This course is also suitable for intermediate to advanced musicians of any instrument with the exception of Stage 5, which is aimed solely for piano players. The tutorial is also a useful educational resource for teachers, as it can help students learn how to plan, prioritise tasks and be better prepared for their lessons.

The course covers practical piano and musical advice, physical exercises, meditations, and breathing exercises designed to help you be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day practice sessions. The video lasts 4 hours 28 minutes, and is structured as 11 separate stages, with accompanying PDFs and exercises.  After purchasing the course, please email us at to gain access to the additional course resources and materials. To benefit fully from the course, we suggest that you listen to the course in its entirety and then go back and listen to each stage 3-4 times, pausing to complete the accompanying exercises. If you watch the Bonus Feature ( see below), you will be able to watch the first 12 minutes of the course. 

The course is available via Vimeo. You can watch any time on your tablet, computer or phone online and in offline mode. £45 for a yearly access to the course.

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