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34 Day Video Course

Created for all levels of pianists (from beginner to advanced) to strengthen their fingers in 34 days!

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This course is based on the Preliminary Stage, Foundation Piano-Yoga®,  Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1 for Small Hands, Stage 2 Yin Piano-Yoga® and Stage 3 Advanced Piano-Yoga® from GéNIA's highly acclaimed Piano-Yoga® Book 'Transform Your Hands.' Described as a unique hand and finger workout that will do more for your technique than hours of practising pieces, GéNIA's method increases your hands' strength and your fingers' flexibility. 

The aim of the Preliminary Stage is to prepare you for the main work in Stages 1, 2 and 3, where, as the programme continues, your span on the keyboard may also increase. Your hands may even feel and seem larger! This stage will suit all pianists, from beginners to advanced.

Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga® is designed for intermediate to advanced pianists and the most important in the whole course which is why it is referred to as Core Piano-Yoga®. It was originally created by GéNIA as the primary set of piano exercises to help stretch her hands and fingers and perform Sergei Rachmaninoff 'Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini'. All the other stages were created later and work in conjunction with Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®.

The essence of the exercises in Stage 2, Yin Piano-Yoga®, is derived directly from yoga, where a slow stretching movement, led by a breath, is one of the main essentials. You should perform these exercises only after completing Stage One, or at least, when your hands are already warm. As a result, you will become more aware of your hand muscles, and the individuality of each finger. It will allow piano playing to become easier for you.

Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga® is the final stage of the whole course. By the time you reach Stage Three, if you have been following all the instructions from the previous stages correctly, your fingers should be stronger and your hand span wider than when you started. Some of the exercises in this Stage 3 sound like short minimalist pieces. 

'Piano-Yoga® is more than a book of exercises. It is an holistic approach focusing on all aspects of performance and the performer.' Ian Grundy, pianist, piano teacher and composer.

The method has been featured majorly in the music press, especially in the British media, described as ‘The 21st-century answer to playing the piano' by Yoga & Health Magazine, as well as vouched for by Piano Professional magazine: ‘It really does work. Many pianists have been helped with this unorthodox and unusual method.’ 

While developing Piano-Yoga®, GéNIA became a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher.

Before purchasing the video course, please read our disclaimer


Transform Your Hands Challenge

Day 1 - Thumb Exercise - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

Day 2 - Digit Exercise - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

3. Day 3 - Wrist Exercise - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

4. Day 4 - Shadow Yoga Exercise - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

5. Day 5 - Sitting Sequence - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

6. Day 6 - Knuckles - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

7. Day 7 - Flat Finger Exercise 1 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

8. Day 8 - Flat Finger Exercise 2 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

9. Day 9 - Flat Finger Exercise 3 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

10. Day 10 - Flat Finger Exercise 4 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

11. Day 11 - Flat Finger Exercise 5 - Transform Your Hands Challenge - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

12. Day 12 - Flat Finger Exercise 6 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

13. Day 13 - Flat Finger Exercise 7 - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

14. Day 14 - Extended Piano-Yoga® - Foundation Piano-Yoga®, Preliminary Stage

15. Day 1, Exercise 1 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Diminished Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

16. Day 2, Exercise 2 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Minor Sevenths with Flat Fifths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

17. Day 3, Exercise 3 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Minor Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

18. Day 4, Exercise 4 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Dominant Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

19. Day 5, Exercise 5 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Major Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

20. Day 6, Exercise 6 - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Minor Triads with Major Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

21. Day 7, Exercise 7 *Plus Bonus* - Core Piano-Yoga® For Small Hands - Augmented Triads with Major Sevenths - Core Piano-Yoga®, Stage 1

22. Introduction to Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

23. Day 1 - Exercise 1 - Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

24. Day 2 - Exercise 2 - Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

25. Day 3 - Exercise 3 - Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

26. Day 4 - Exercise 4 - Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

27. Day 5 - Exercise 5 - Yin Piano-Yoga®, Stage 2

28. Bonus Video. Ujjayi Breath with GéNIA, Stage 2

29. Day 1 - Exercise 1 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3

30. Day 2 - Exercise 2 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3

31. Day 3 - Exercise 3 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3

32. Day 4 - Exercise 4 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3

33. Day 5 - Exercise 5 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3

34. Day 6 - Exercise 6 - Advanced Piano-Yoga®, Stage 3


Since Piano-Yoga® Book has been published in 2009, it has received numerous world-wide reviews.

Piano Professional Magazine

This book gets 5 stars from me!

Nancy Lee Harper, Piano Journal

Piano-Yoga® makes best use of your specific anatomy, strength and flexibility to help your playing.

Inge Kyemtrup, Pianist Magazine

Piano-Yoga® is a unique method that really transforms fingers and hands. If followed correctly hands feel much bigger, and people can play a much wider repertoire.

Richard Harris, piano teacher, composer, arranger, and author


  • Improves playing ability by creating a heightened sense of mind and body awareness​.

  • Considerably improves the quality of piano playing by working directly on the muscles that move the fingers and hands​.

  • By combining the two points above, the Piano-Yoga® approach can produce a highly effective piano technique that offers faster and more efficient progression.​

  • Piano-Yoga® is suitable for everyone from advanced-beginners through intermediate to advanced players, students to teachers.

  • The method suits professional musicians and amateur players, teachers and students. ​

  • Piano-Yoga® can benefit people from all professions, all nationalities and a wide age group (from 14-15yrs upwards).

  • The Piano-Yoga® method has been devised mainly for adult players in mind. However, due to popular demand, Piano-Yoga® for Kids is currently being developed.​

  • Piano-Yoga® complements any style of tuition and playing. Whether you were trained in Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea or any other country and in any style of piano school, Piano-Yoga® can improve and build upon what you already have and create a foundation that will enhance your specific practice.​

  • Piano-Yoga® can also help enhance a player's well-being. For some, the holistic approach of Piano-Yoga® can become a stress management technique.

  • Piano-Yoga® makes it possible to practice any time you want - whether near or far from the piano. Even just 5 minutes a day of Piano-Yoga® can help students/pianists to improve their playing. This allows busy people to progress with their piano playing even if they have very little time to practice.​

The more you do Piano-Yoga® the sooner you will start enjoying the benefits of the method.


Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click here to be taken to the tutorial posted on Vimeo.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on Vimeo for processing payment for the course.

Step 3: Once you receive confirmation from Vimeo, you will be granted access to the tutorial, which you can watch on Vimeo. The app is available on all mobile devices (as well as on computers) and you can watch this tutorial on your phone or iPad offline at any time.

Step 4: GéNIA recommends that you watch one new episode per day, gradually building it to a complete 14-day challenge.

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