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Improves playing ability by creating a heightened sense of mind and body awareness

Piano-Yoga® provides a holistic and organic approach towards piano playing. The method not only works on improving the technical aspects of piano playing but also pays considerable attention to the mind and body as a whole. It incorporates breath-work, relaxation and helps improve focus so that one can develop a piano style that works with an individual's physique and personality, rather than against it.

Considerably improves the quality of piano playing by working directly on the muscles that move the fingers and hands

When people are just starting to play the piano or don't play regularly, their fingers remain weak. It takes years of regular practice to establish strength in the muscles that work the fingers and hands.

This is why it is always easy to see the difference between a professional and amateur player. Professionals produce good and varied sound quality and are able to control the instrument better. The book Piano-Yoga® Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises provides a deep workout for your hands and fingers and as a result you can strengthen and develop the muscles of the hands which in turn improves the flexibility of your fingers. This will allow you to control sound better and for some even to increase their span on the piano.

By combining the two points above the Piano-Yoga® approach can produce a highly effective piano technique that offers fast progression

Piano-Yoga® encourages conscious realization of the whole piano playing process by paying detailed attention to and analyzing hand and body movements, the performer's state of mind and physical state, as well as the musical work itself.

As every repeated conscious effort transmits into the subconscious mind, with regular conscious practice of Piano-Yoga® the music and music making/ piano playing will become a part of who you are. Therefore all the exercises will become internal and natural (rather then external) hence allowing you to progress much quicker.

Piano-Yoga® is suitable for everyone from advanced-beginners through intermediate to advanced players, students to teachers

The method suits professional musicians and amateur players, teachers and students. On every level from complete beginner through intermediate to the advanced player anyone can learn the various aspects of Piano-Yoga® and incorporate them into their current level of playing, practice and teaching.

Piano-Yoga® can benefit people from all professions, all nationalities and a wide age group (from 14-15yrs upwards)

The Piano-Yoga® method has been devised mainly for adult players in mind. However, due to popular demand, Piano-Yoga® for Kids is currently being developed.

Piano-Yoga® complements any style of tuition and playing

The unique approach of Piano-Yoga® complements any school of piano playing. Very often the teaching styles of various piano schools can contradict each other. Piano-Yoga® creates a solid physical and mental foundation which can be applied to any style of piano teaching. It simply allows the player to learn new material faster and more efficiently.

Whether you were trained in Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea or any other country and in any style of piano school, Piano-Yoga® can improve and build upon what you already have and create a foundation that will enhance your specific practice.

Piano-Yoga® can also help enhance a player's well-being

For some, the holistic approach of Piano-Yoga® can become a stress management technique.

Piano-Yoga® encourages your playing to be "natural". Trying to achieve better results should not be "a hard lesson" but an enjoyable experience where a player can consciously learn to observe any changes in his/her own playing. Combined with refined posture and breath control, for some it can contribute to the enhancement of their well-being by instilling a new inner calmness and harmony.

Piano-Yoga® makes it possible to practice any time you want - whether near or far from the piano

Some Piano-Yoga® exercises can be practiced away from the piano. Even just 5 minutes a day of Piano-Yoga® can help students/pianists to improve their playing. This allows busy people to progress with their piano playing even if they have very little time to practice.

The more you do Piano-Yoga® the sooner you could start enjoying the benefits of the method.

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