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'I had the honour of taking a singer's yoga class with Ms. Genia at the MUSYCA children's choir camp and absolutely loved it! Not only were these exercises essential for opening my breathing as a singer, but helped greatly with my posture and cramping while sitting down in front of the computer screen all day. The exercises I learned from Genia are something I will continue doing for the rest of my singing career and beyond. Her class was an incredible experience and made me understand the importance of yoga and stretching when it comes to music. I would recommend this class to absolutely everyone and would take it a million times over again!'

Natalie Shtangrud



Yoga Alliance Professional
British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma
1000 Teaching Hours

I came to yoga from a musical background as, being a concert pianist, I had to practice for up to 8 hours a day and as a consequence, in my early 20’s, my back started causing problems. I ended up seeing a back specialist on a weekly basis until one day I said to myself: “No more! I need to find a way to heal myself, by myself.” And this is how I discovered yoga!

I have been teaching yoga since 2008. My mission is to help many musicians (professional and amateurs) to perfect their technique though embracing their body and natural skills. I regularly hold Piano-Yoga® Retreats and Masterclasses world-wide, as well as incorporate individual yoga sessions in 1- 2 - 1 piano classes. Recently I was teaching especially created yoga course for singers  (choir ‘Musyka) in Los-Angeles (USA) and worked with instrumental teachers in Holland addressing their as well as their students performance issues by working on their physic through various yogic exercises.  

I personally studied Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin Yoga, and Jivamikti Yoga, but in my teaching, my main focus is on the safety and the final outcome of each practice, whether that is the release of tension, the elimination of stress, a sharpening of focus or creating the mood which is desired for each practice.

I am delighted to present you my newly launched Yoga Exercises for Musicians and Sound Engineers on my Piano-Yoga® Youtube Channel.

“Genia is a wonderful yoga teacher. She starts each practice understanding how I am; how I truly am in that moment in mind and body. I have a stressful job and become anxious easily, so my being may change from day to day. GeNIA’s calm and practical approach and holistic expertise in yoga means she can tailor a wonderful practice for that moment. She has a wonderful way of explaining postures, even basic ones which I thought I knew, have now been deepened. I haven’t found this with any other yoga teacher. Namaste, Genia.”

Allison Burza

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