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The Piano Bench Magazine, January 2017


'It was her own experience as a concert pianist with small hands that led GéNIA (her one-word name is a creative variant of ‘Evgenia’) to look more closely at aspects of strength and flexibility that might help her play what she wanted to play on the piano – music by the maestro of big hands himself, Sergei Rachmaninov.'

Page 1 by Inge Kjemtrup, Pianist Magazine


Page 2 by Inge Kjemtrup, Pianist Magazine, September 2015

2013-11-14 - Kings Place GeNIA-Q-A.jpg

What's On Kings Place Magazine, Winter 2013/14

2013-05-25 - Memorising Music Blog Inter

Memorising Music Blog

2011-08-01 - IP Kings Place Retreat.jpg

Kings Place, February 2013

2012-10-24 - International Piano Article

International Piano, December 2012

2012-08-24 - Russian Newspaper Article (

Igraem s Nachala (Russian Magazine) October 2012

2011-12-01 - Yoga&Health Mag.jpg

'The first entirely new piano technique to emerge in over 50 years.'

'PY is something radical.'

'An ideal way to combine an interest in Yoga with learning the piano.'                                                              

Yoga & Health Magazine December 2011

2011-11-04 - Pianist Mag (Erica Worth).j

Erica Worth, Pianist Magazine, November 2011

2011-11-09 - Teacher Magazine.jpg

Karen Marshall, Music Teacher November 2011

2011-08-01 - IP Kings Place Retreat.jpg

Zoe Rahman, International Piano, July 2011

2011-05-01 - IP on PY Book.jpg

Murry Mclachlan, International Piano, March 2011

2011-04-01 - Music-Teacher on PY

Karen Marshall, Music Teacher April 2011


Nancy Lee Harper, Piano Journal (EPTA) Winter 2009, No.89

2011-01-01 - Piano Proffesional on PY Bo

Nadia Lasserson, Piano Professional (EPTA)

2008-10-01 - GéNIAPianoMagazine.jpg

Andrew Green, Piano Magazine, Dec 2008

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