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I have done my best to provide a high quality, informative and helpful tutorial. However, my teaching
methods and style and indeed piano playing in general, may not be suitable or work for everyone.

I have been practising the exercises I demonstrate in my videos for the past 20 years and provide
them to many of my pupils. In my opinion, which is based on my own experience, these are both beneficial
and restorative. However, I am not a doctor or an alternative therapy professional so if you do have any
underlying health conditions, I recommend that you seek medical advice before undertaking the exercises.
If you use or rely on the information and material in which you download from the websites, and/or any other website which I control or which is otherwise associated with me, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. I do not accept responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage you may suffer as a result. The information and materials are from my own personal experience, as well as from sources which I believe are reliable but I make no warranty as to their content, accuracy or completeness.

We would like to stress that GéNIIA's feedback is for your personal use only and therefore do not share it publicly (on the internet or in public) without our written permission, in the case of GéNIA's assessment materials.


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