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Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson Gift Voucher

Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson Gift Voucher

If you would like to give someone a trully unique experience, look no further: Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson is for you! Available to students from all over ther world at our Piano-Yoga® online studio, Assessment Lessons are designed specifically for pianists wanting a one-off induction with the concert pianist, GéNIA. All sessions will focus on the development of a bespoke personal practice plan to help you achieve your aims. And whether you are considering a present for a professional pianist, amateur, conservatoire student, teacher or the parent of a budding young pianist, Assessment Lessons offer something for everyone:

"I'd highly recommend it... GéNIA is an inspiring teacher and gifted pianist - I couldn't wait to play the piano when I returned home"

Karen Marshall - Music Teacher Magazine Professional

When you rely on your body to earn a living and you often have to play for several hours a day it's easy to wear yourself out.  An Assessment Lesson can show a student how to look after themselve to avoid exhaustion and repetitive-strain injury, and provide effective relaxation techniques to counter all that adrenaline!


This is what Assessment Piano-Yoga® Lesson is offering: 



If piano is your passion but not your job (and/or you have a family to take care of), you may find it frustratingly difficult to fit your practice around a hectic schedule.  An Assessment Lesson will show you how to get the most out of your precious practice time without having to commit to a regular lesson, and we can demonstrate how our methods can make a dramatic difference to your technique with minimal time input.



An increasing number of piano teachers are turning to the Piano-Yoga® method in conjunction with our book Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises to help their students. An Assessment Lesson gives teachers (and anyone else using the book for self-study) the opportunity to go through the technical exercises face-to-face and clear up anything you are unsure about with clear demonstrations.
Conservatoire Students/Young Professional Pianists
Do you feel that you still have some technical demons to conquer? Or perhaps you would simply like to explore new piano techniques. Whether you need help with trills, octaves, leaps, arpeggios or more general technique, think of the Assessment Lesson as the perfect technique masterclass.  We can also show you how Piano-Yoga® can help you overcome performance anxiety and maintain good concentration.


Many parents simply don't know where to start when first considering piano tuition for their child.  At what age should they start?  How long should they practice?  What is the best instrument for a beginner? And does my child have natural aptitude for the piano?  Perhaps your child has already commenced tuition but you're not sure whether they are on the right path.  An Assessment Lesson provides consultation for any questions you may have, and we can even recommend a good local teacher.


Does Piano-Yoga® sound too good to be true?  Find out for yourself: after a one-hour tour with GéNIA, we guarantee you will be converted!


Duration: 60 minutes
Location:  online via Zoom or Facetime

Once you made a purchase we will contact you to select the convenient time for the appointment on the digital platform of your choice.

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