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Piano-Yoga® Students Fundraising Concert in Support of Kharkiv Children

We are delighted to announce the next concert by our Piano-Yoga® students which will take the place online on Saturday 23d of July at 7:00pm UK time. With our students located all over the world - from the UK, France, Germany , Holland, Australia, USA - we will be happy to donate all the proceeds from the concert to the cause of saving the children of Kharkiv, who are currently experiencing tremendous hardship. Since the start of the war, Kharkiv has been experiencing heavy attacks on a daily basis, and we would like to help GéNIA's foundation.

Our founder, GéNIA, was born and educated in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and therefore, whatever education GéNIA passed on to us, its roots came from her Ukrainian heritage.

Currently GéNIA is working on the 'Save the children. The Path of Hope' project, in collaboration with the Kharkiv Charity 'Kharkiv with You'. The goal of the project is to help Kharkiv kids who have serious health problems, like cancer, genetic disorders, serious psychological problems induced by the war, and many others, who have already been offered free treatment in Europe, but need to be transported there, and this is very costly.

Severely ill children in need of major world-class surgery are sent to the Bambino Gesu network of hospitals in Italy: “IRCCS San Raffaele Roma” ,“Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu” and “Ospedale Bambino Gesu di Palidaro”. A number of children with autism spectrum disorders were taken to France. There are also groups of children who are being taken to Bulgaria from the occupied territories, suffering from major psychological disorders.

Almost all components of the projects are free, except for the fuel for their cars, the cost of travel to Lviv, where the 'Kharkiv with You' charity organises a shelter to accommodate and organise into groups, which includes accommodation and meals. Also, there is the need to cover hotel costs when travelling to the country, as well as special food for some children, as well as things such as diapers and similar items. There are currently 80 such children, a total of 120 who are registered in the Programme.

If you would like to support GéNIA's cause you can purchase tickets (£15.00) to our online concert HERE, and spread the word about it!

If you would like to help GéNIA's cause further, you are warmly invited to donate HERE.

Please see more information about GéNIA's work HERE.

The programme of the concert will include works by Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Schubert, Liszt and GéNIA. It will start with GéNIA's talk, and end with our traditional online after-party, which you are most welcome to join.

If you are in a position to do so, we invite you to donate generously, as these funds can literally save lives.

Any questions? Please get in touch! Your help will be invaluable.

Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeng you at our event!

With love,

The Piano-Yoga® Team


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