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New Piano-Yoga® Series for pianists created by GéNIA in collaboration with Steinway & Sons, London!

I am delighted to announce a new series, which was created by myself in collaboration with Steinway Pianos in London. The episodes are dedicated to promoting and encouraging the well-being of pianists and other musicians!

For a number of years, I lead Piano-Yoga® retreats at Steinway Hall in London and I was thrilled when Steinways & Sons asked me to create a number of little yogic routines, which musicians could incorporate before, during or after your practice! These routines can also help non-musicians, as they target the body areas, which we use when we sit for a long time and work at the desk or a computer.

Creating these at The Hall of Fame in London, was such an honour and a thrilling experience. Above is a little intro!

Please follow Steinways & Sons YouTube channel to watch each episode.

Any questions? Let me now by leaving your comment underneath this post.

With love and light,



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