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New Offers for Piano Playing Progress - 'Transform Your Practice' Video Course

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

GéNIA is now offering personalised feedback for those who sign up to her 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide' Video course.

Before beginning the course, GéNIA invites you to send her up to ten minutes of your playing and receive fifteen minutes of evaluation for no additional charge.

While continuing to work through the course, you can send GéNIA videos of your playing, upon completing Stage Six and later Stage Eleven so that she can further evaluate your progress.

When you have finished Stage Six, you may send up to fifteen minutes of music and receive twenty minutes of feedback for a special fee of £50. Finally, after finishing Stage Eleven (A Complete Course), GéNIA will provide you with a thirty-minute assessment of your playing (up to twenty minutes) for a special fee of £80.

These assessments are not obligatory, but are offered as an additional resource so you can benefit more from your course studies.

If you have already purchased the course, please contact GéNIA via to receive fifteen minutes of feedback, free of charge. Likewise, you can also 'jump in' and send GéNIA videos of your playing upon completing Stage Six or Stage Eleven. To enrol into the course, please sign up here.

Please allow twenty-one days to receive feedback.

Happy Practising!

The Piano-Yoga® Team


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