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New Video Tutorial Course 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide' by GéNIA:

Dear All,

I cannot wait to share with you my news: I am thrilled to be able to present you my new video tutorial course 'Transform Your Playing: A Complete 11 Stage Guide'. The idea for this course came to me at the beginning of the lockdown, as many of my students and friends were calling me, concerned about their inability to practice efficiently. Many of them could not see their teacher, as it took a while for us to get used to the idea of teaching online.

Hence, I decided to use my time efficiently and instead of focusing on a negative, to create a video tutorial to help anyone who really wants to get the best results out of their practice time.

I thought about the journey I take from the moment the thought 'I want to learn this particular piece of music' enters into my mind until the moment I say to myself 'I have learned it!' Then I thought about my students who come to me with such a request. As a result, I created the course which will take you from the moment the thought of perfecting a particular piece enters your mind to the point where you say ‘Ah! I've mastered this piece'. The course lasts 4 hours, 28 minutes and is full of exercises which I would invite you to do, in order to obtain a full benefit. It consists of 11 stages, and uses my experience as a concert pianist, teacher, yoga practitioner and a student of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Everything I offer here I do myself, and I do hope that this course will transform your practice and your relationship with your piano.


  • Intermediate to advanced pianists.

  • Anyone who is playing a musical instrument, apart from Stage 5, which is aimed only for pianists.

  • Those who wish to stop wasting time at the piano and start using their time more efficiently. 

  • Those who cannot achieve the results they would like, and do not understand why this is happening.

  • Those who are not happy with their home practice.

  • Those who enthusiastically start working on a piece of music only to give up too early at the first sign of difficulty.

  • Those who have no idea how to practice.

  • Those who don’t know what they want to achieve from their practice.

  • Those who have a great wish to master certain pieces, but can’t come up with the plan for its completion, and therefore often procrastinate.

  • Those who believe the more they practice, the worse their playing gets, and are getting stressed and upset by it.

  • Those who are too tired to practice the way they always do.

  • Those who would like to broaden their horizons.

  • Those who often start working on a piece, and half-way thought learning it decide to give up, this video tutorial is for you, as it will help you to achieve what you initially wanted.

  • Those who are interested in the connection between their piano playing and the mind, and our life experiences. 


  • To become your own teacher, as you will have productive tools which will enable you to monitor your progress.

  • To enable you to implement the strategies demonstrated in the tutorial straight away, as the course is presented in a clear manner, with each stage lasting between 15 – 30 minutes.

  •  To stop you saying: ‘I practice, practice, practice and I am not getting anywhere’.

Here is a little trailer to give you the idea...

The course will be released worldwide on 25 September 2020, but it is already available for Pre-Order.


Would you like to know more ? Follow this link for more detailed information.

I wish you a wonderful practice, and hope that this tutorial will transform your playing!

With love,



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