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Why Piano-Yoga® Certificate Courses?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In all my years as a teacher, I keep coming across many students, whether professional or amateur, who feel frustrated with their playing and think that they cannot do something due to lack of ability. Very often, after looking into their concerns, it turns out that the problems they are experiencing are due to either misinformation or simply lack of knowledge.

I came to the conclusion that having knowledge is as easy as not having it as, whether we want it or not, we still form an opinion about everything (very rare we think that we have no opinion whatsoever!). We look at the situation and form an opinion, sometimes through rationalising and sometimes through emotion or intuition. In the light of this, would not it be easier to spend a little more time and get proper information that would provide a foundation to solve the problems and challenges?

Very often when I speak with students they say ‘well, we are only beginners, maybe we do not need that in-depth knowledge and information about piano playing’. And this is when I think they are fundamentally wrong. If you are spending your time on something, it is up to you to decide how you utilise this time; to learn to your maximum capacity is crucial.

This is why I decided to introduce the Piano-Yoga® Certificate Courses. They start with the very simple basics: how to sit at the piano, how best to hold your hands, how to create the basic sound, how to perfect your rhythm, organise your practice, how to cope with pre-performance nerves, amongst other things. The main part of the course is dedicated to answering a lot of ‘Why’s?’ The course will suit anyone, whether 11 years old or 75, whether a professional or amateur. It gives the basics from the Piano-Yoga® prospective, from the point of view of working with the individual body, mind and energetic capacity. It will also show how, through piano playing, one can learn about one’s own personality and physique and then provide you with appropriate tools to start working on yourself in all those areas (your character, your energetic state, your mind).

It will also show how to improve the body’s capacity – whether to heighten the energy or calm yourself down.

Don’t forget: if you have any questions, you can always send us an email and the answers will be published in this blog.

Looking forward to seeing you at our courses!


Click HERE to find out more about the Piano-Yoga Certificate Courses at Kings Place. Click HERE to book tickets.
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