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Virtual piano lessons: pluses and minuses

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

In my latest video podcast I talk about pluses and minuses of online piano lessons.

If you have your own personal experience with online lessons and would like to share it, please write about it in the comments below.

What does a virtual piano lesson mean for you? Has it been helpful? Are you looking forward to stoping them completely and going back to traditional piano lessons when normal life resumes? What would be your ideal piano lesson set-up?

I would love to hear from you!

Please share your ideas and thoughts with me and our community by leaving a comment underneath this video!

With love,


GéNIA is the founder of the Piano-Yoga® method which offers a holistic approach to music education. In the heart of her method lies the book 'Transform Your Hands: A Complete 10 week course' described as 'It really does work' by Piano Professional Magazine and the video course 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide' described by Professor Douglas Finch, Professor of Piano and Composition, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London as "GéNIA is one of the most exciting, dynamic and daring pianists I've met in recent years. Her approach to the development of piano technique and personal development are both highly effective and original, combining the Russian tradition with a modern holistic musical outlook. I recommend the Piano-Yoga® course ’Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide’ most highly."


My pleasure! I don’t know if you managed to get hold of my video course ‘Transform Your Practice’, but there I am offering various techniques especially designed for improving concentrations as this is one of the biggest problems in our current society. However once we have certain strategies in place, this should enable us to channel our concentration better.


Thank you GéNIA for your interesting observations.

My biggest problem is concentration. I like playing the piano but find it very difficult to remain focused on my playing.

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