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Troubleshooting When Your Practice Isn't Working

Become your own master when you need help with practising!

This is the excerpt from my video course 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide', packed with tips, exercises, practice plans, three assessment levels & much more!

'GéNIA's ‘Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide’ is truly a design for living. I have found it to be a holistic approach to playing my instrument, and use many of the principles in my piano practice and equally my every day living. It has allowed me to become calmer, become more realistic about my goals and outlook, and of course, playing music. I have certainly improved my practice from this approach. Thank you, Genia.' Allison Burza

"GéNIA is one of the most exciting, dynamic and daring pianists I've met in recent years. Her approach to the development of piano technique and personal development are both highly effective and original, combining the Russian tradition with a modern holistic musical outlook. I recommend the Piano-Yoga® course ’Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide’ most highly."

 Douglas Finch, Professor of Piano and Composition, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London


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