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Short & Informative Piano-Yoga® Videos Launched!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

As you know, this year I am running a series of Piano-Yoga® masterclasses to give you more insight into Piano-Yoga® and help you all be the best pianists you can be!

With that in mind I have started live streaming events on social media to answer any questions you have ahead of each masterclass.

We had some great questions last time and as I don’t want anyone, who couldn’t watch, to miss out, after each of these events, my team and I will be creating some videos with short excerpts of the live stream. These will all be available on our new and improved YouTube channel (@PianoYogaEducation).

Additionally, please keep emailing in your questions for me ahead of this month’s masterclass: ‘How to be the best pianist you can be by understanding your body’ (26 February 2020). We’d love to hear your questions, especially on this topic!

I promise to will answer as many as possible! Please email me your questions to I am looking forward to hearing from you!

And here is a little video from my last online session. Enjoy!

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