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Released Today: My Recording of JS Bach's Fantasia & Fugue

During this testing times, I have decided to release one of my previously unreleased materials: the recording of JS Bach Fantasia & Fugue BWV 904 in A minor. Incidentally, completely unplanned, it happened on Bach's birthday according to the old style calendar, 21 March 2020 ( the date according to the new calendar is 31 March 2020!).

Recorded on a Steinway concert grand piano, this music offers calm grounding and stability (Fantasia) as well as a freshness and drive (Fugue) which still sounds totally contemporary.

You can download both recordings (Fantasia & Fugue) as two separate recordings exclusively from my site. Alternatively you can enjoy streaming these recordings, again, exclusively from my website. I use them for my yoga and pre-meditation practices.

Further plans include the release on the big digital platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify at a later stage.

For now, I am just doing what I can to get my music to you and share it with love and safe thoughts.

I am wishing you all to stay safe and healthy as much as possible, and hope that these recordings will help you in obtaining the inner peace which we so much need these days.

With love,


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