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Piano-Yoga® Students Raise Over £1,000.00 In Online Fundraising Concert for Kharkiv Children

Dear All,

I am so grateful to my Piano-Yoga® Students! At the online fundraising concert on the 26th of July 2022, we raised just over £1,000: £795.00 raised from ticket sales, and an additional £200 of donations, plus Gift Aid on those donations, brought the whole beautiful event to over £1,000.

These monies, together with other private donations to my charity 'Support Kharkiv Foundation', as well as the funds collected through the ‘GoFundMe’ campaign, were sent to the 'Kharkiv with You’ Charity (the total amount was £5,400) .

These funds were used to pay for the transpiration back to Lviv, Ukraine of 108 needy children, and the people accompanying them (overall, 108 people, most of whom were from Izyum, Kharkiv region) who were taken from the Bulgarian Mistral camp on 02.09.2022, where they had been staying there during August 2022 for psychological and physical rehabilitation.The Isym area of Kharkiv region was under occupation for a long time, and these children needed all the help they could get.

I am very grateful to all of our supporters!

Together, we can help Ukraine, and, most importantly, its children, who will now grow up more mature and, hopefully, stronger, due to the support they have received.

Thank you for your help!

If you would like to continue helping the children of Kharkiv and its regions, which is one of the hardest places in Ukraine right now, due to daily missile attacks (as Kharkiv positioned only 25 miles away from Russian boarder), you are warmly invited to donate to my 'Support Kharkiv Foundation', which is is a micro-trust in aid of GivingWorks, a charity registered in England and Wales (charity registration No.1078770) (Gift Aid Supported).

With love,



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