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Piano-Yoga®'s Exclusive Winter Holiday Bundles

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

We at Piano-Yoga® are delighted to announce our Winter Holiday Bundles - a special discount on Piano-Yoga® books, GéNIA's music & albums, as well as our video tutorial, made especially available during the month of December.

The first voucher is for the book that started it all - ‘Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises.’ With glowing reviews from the publications Piano Professional Magazine and International Piano among others, this methodology book is a wonderful gift for the intermediate to advanced pianist. Secure a digital copy of GéNIA's book for only £11 or purchase a hard-copy for £20.

The second winter holiday bundle is ideal for any music-lover in your life. For only £25, you can gift your loved one (or yourself!) three of GéNIA’s acclaimed albums. Hailed by The Times as ‘an outstanding musician’, GéNIA’s reflective music can give serenity to your daily life. You can even request an autographed copy for no additional charge! (Packages of two CDs for £20 and four CDs for £30 also available).

Alternatively, if you want to feel GéNIA’s music under your own fingers, takes advantage of this promotion. With the option of choosing either two, four or seven scores, you will be able to play pieces from GéNIA's albums ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’ and ‘Babylon’ for yourself and family and friends. For the month of December only, you can purchase two scores for £10, four scores for £20, and seven scores for only £30.

A perfect gift for a pianist of any level is a voucher for a one-on-one consultation with GéNIA. She will provide you with personal advice on your technique, posture, and approach to the instrument. This gift voucher can be purchased for £100.

For the ultimate gift, GéNIA is offering a voucher for her video tutorial and book combined. For only £50 you will receive 4.5 hours of guidance in the form of a multi- stage video tutorial as well as a digital copy of GéNIA’s acclaimed ‘Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises.'

Keep an eye out for next month's newsletter, which will feature Piano-Yoga®’s first ever 14-day challenge!

We hope that these offers will help you to brighten up your and your friends holiday season!

With best wishes,

The Piano-Yoga® Team

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