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Our student, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon Brian Cohen, is featured in today's The Telegraph

We are delighted to see our student, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon Brian Cohen, as well as our Piano-Yoga® book featured in today's edition of The Telegraph.

Brian started his lessons at the beginning of the lockdown and now is hoping one day to make it to Carnegie Hall! 😊

This is a fascinating article which talks about the great increase in music lessons and music education since the beginning of the lockdown. So nice to see at least one positive news during these challenging days times!

For those wanting to read the full article this is the link however it forms the part of the paid editorial.

Have you started your lessons? Do you need some help with practising? If yes, here is the link to our new Video Tutorial 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 11 Stage Guide'. The tutorial could be a useful resource to help you during these testing times.

Wishing you continue enjoying your practice or, if you have not started yet, enjoying embarking on the new journey with your instrument!

With best wishes,


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