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How I use Ayurveda to help with stage fright issues!

Many years ago when I was a Yoga student at the Life Centre in London, I came across Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of bringing balance to the body using diet, herbal treatments, yogic postures and breathing.

Here I am sharing my views on how to apply Ayurveda to any stage fright or public performance issues which you may have.

A note of caution! Please remember to experiment with food carefully, taking into consideration any allergies which you may have, as what I am offering here is general advice. Please do take into account your allergies and any other medical conditions which you may have.

For people in TAMASIC state I recommend: Going for a brisk walk. Playing the piano at a moderate tempo not too slow. Eating a moderate amount of RAJASIC foods to induce more energy into your system (chocolate, tea, coffee, (but not too much otherwise you may find yourself in a rajasic state), fish, eggs, chilli peppers, strongly flavored herbs and spices. Do some physical exercise. Yoga is excellent as long as it is a vinyasa sequence (dynamic flowing yoga practice) this encourages better blood circulation and warms up the muscles.

For people in a RAJASIC (hyperactive/nervous) state I would recommend: Going for a slow walk. Play everything on the piano slowly, and not to practice too much. Eat some TAMASIC food to induce a calming effect on the body (i.e. meat, cooked vegetables, mushrooms, dried fruits, canned and frozen). Practice slow, deep breathing (in particular the yogic breath technique of Ujjayi breath if you are familiar with it, otherwise I would recommend initial guidance from a qualified yoga teacher) as it has an excellent calming effect on the body. Try to rest and, if you can, meditate.

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