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Mindfulness Playlist Week 2 & Performing through iPhone on BBC Radio London

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Last week I released Mindfulness Playlist Week 2 which you can listen to on my website here.

The selection of the pieces starts with the compositions from my album 'Babylon' which was released last year and also includes 'Past Love' which was one of my first piano solo compositions and has been premiered on Classic FM. One of the compositions, Farewell, has appeared in the highly acclaimed BBC America TV Series 'Killing Eve' starring Sandra Oh.

Also last week I was invited to give an interview to a celebrity presenter Jo Good on BBC Radio London (via FaceTime). I was absolutely stunned when Jo suddenly asked me to play live by putting my phone next to my Steinway! Holding my breath I twinkled for about 30 seconds! To my surprise, the recording came out sounding pretty nice. You can listen to the whole episode here (starting at 2hours 04minutes).

I hope you are all keeping well and will be joining me at the next Piano-Yoga® Club Online this Friday, where we will be talking about 'How to make adrenaline your best friend!'

With love,


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