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7 Easy Piano Pieces which will calm your nerves & put a smile on your face!

Dear All,

We are all going through difficult times right now. For those of us, who are in a reasonably good health playing the piano could offer a welcome relief from the psychological stress which many of us experience right now. However we may also find that we don’t have enough energy to practise as intensely as we would like, simply because we feel exhausted. Many of my students tell me that they are actually spending more time on the piano, but sadly they are not getting the desired results. I think it’s totally understandable, as the stress and worry which we experience right now on a world-wide level consume a lot of our energy, and therefore we become depleted, sometimes even without realising it. Below I would like to offer you a playlist of piano pieces which are quite easy to master for anyone with intermediate or certainly, advanced skills. These pieces are beautiful, and can bring an immediate calming and grounding effect. Some of them can even put a smile on your face! I made sure that many of them are in Major keys. By playing these pieces, not only may you make yourself feel better, but your whole family, and even your neighbours can benefit from it! Also I am happy to offer you a present: a score of my piece ‘The Last Dance’. If you’d like to play it please leave your comment below this post and I’ll be happy to send you the complimentary score!

1. J S. Bach: Prelude in C Major No 1 Book 1

2. WA Mozart: Allegro K3 in B flat Major

3. F Kuhlau: Allegro from Sonatina Op. 20, No. 1

4. LW Beethoven Fur Elise

5. F Chopin: ‘RainDrop’ Prelude in D flat Major Op. 28 No. 15

6. E Satie: Gymnopedie 1

7 .Y Tiersen: Piano Soundtrack from the film ‘ Amelie’

8. BONUS GéNIA: ‘The Last Dance’

I hope that this selection will keep you occupied for some time, and will take your mind away into a happier place for a few minutes a day. Stay healthy and calm! With love, GéNIA PS. If you’d like to join me and like-minded musicians at Piano-Yoga® Club Online every Friday night at 6:30 pm GM time, you are most welcome to enrol here:

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Thank you very much Sarah! The music will be with you shortly! ❤️


Sarah Vonleerchong
Sarah Vonleerchong
Apr 03, 2020

May I please have a copy of your hauntingly beautiful piece, The Last Dance? Thank you!

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