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36 Day Piano-Yoga® Course has now launched!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I am delighted to announce the launch of 36 Day Piano-Yoga® Course on our website as well as on our app! Based on the Piano-Yoga® Book 'Transform Your Hands: A Complete 10 Week Course' you can now follow my instructions and do the course together with me at any point in time and on the go!

The aim of the course is to transform your hands by increasing your hand span, whilst building extra strength in your fingers! Additionally it is packed with numerous exercises and advice on improving your posture, breathing and offers various other piano tips.

It is a self-paced course which you can do as fast or as slow as you like. Once you have finished each lesson, you can mark it as complete, so you will always know where you are with your progress!

If you choose to work on the course with the Piano-Yoga® app, it makes it easier to carry with you; all you need to do is to put your device on your music stand and here you go! It is available on iPhone, Android and iPad. Once you download the Spaces for Wix app, use the invite code: TR6LQC

I am also offering a 7 day free trial, so you can decide whether these exercises are suitable for you!

'It really does work!' Piano Professional Magazine

'A fascinating issue... clear and precise!' Murry Mclachlan, International Piano

This is what other participants said about the course:

'Genia’s ‘Digits’ exercise has been a ‘game changer’ for me. It allows me to keep control of the touch, style and sound for any piece of music; slow and romantic, fast and highly technical, or even scales and arpeggios. Any time my playing is sounding ‘off’, I come back to this exercise and my playing changes instantly; especially when I have been practising the same few bars without success. I highly recommend this exercise.' Allison Burza

"Piano-Yoga® is more than a book of exercises. It is a holistic approach focusing on all aspects of performance and the performer. The exercises increase strength and coordination between different parts of the finger and hand, but also focus on the complex relationship between the whole body and mind in the act of performance. This approach focuses on the fundamentals of all music making and is not reserved for GéNIA's advanced, but for all of her, students." Ian Grundy, pianist, piano teacher and composer

Any questions, please let me know!

You can enrol on the course on our website HERE and enrol via Piano-Yoga® app using an invite code TR6LQC

Please do get in touch if you have any troubles signing in.

Wishing you happy practising!

With love,


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