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Gift Voucher for Piano Lesson with GéNIA

Gift Voucher for Piano Lesson with GéNIA

We offer various levels of one to one online classical piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level pupils from all age groups with the head of Piano-Yoga®, GéNIA


 Our main goals are:

•  To fully support the individuality of the student.

•  To develop a strong sense of self-confidence in each student.

•  To help the student think and feel like an independent and creative artist.

•  To promote a healthy environment in which to learn the piano.

•  To pay significant attention to the whole body-mind process.

•  To develop a positive attitude towards the learning process.

•  To enable both technical excellence and musical expression as equally important components.  


"I'd highly recommend it... GéNIA is an inspiring teacher and gifted pianist - I couldn't wait to play the piano when I returned home"

Karen Marshall - Music Teacher Magazine



Duration: 60 minutes
Location:  online via Zoom or Facetime

Once you made a purchase we will contact you to select the convenient time for the appointment on the digital platform of your choice.


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