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Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: Foundation Stage' 14-Day Video Course is Finally Here!

Dear all,

I am delighted to share with you my news: finally, eleven years after the publication of my Piano-Yoga® book, following your numerous requests, I have released a video tutorial based on its Preliminary, Foundation Stage. Set up as a 14-Day Challenge Course.

In this video course I am inviting participants to add just one exercise per day, gradually adding them one by one to their daily routine. By doing it this way, the method should sink into the consciousness of the participant in the more efficient and, therefore, long term, way.

By offering this unique hand and finger workout, the muscles of your hands could become much stronger and, in turn, your finger flexibility may increase. The aim of this stage is to prepare you for the main work in the Piano-Yoga® Book Stages 1, 2 and 3, where, as the programme continues, your span on the keyboard could also increase. Many of my students reported that their hands even felt and seemed larger after completing these exercises!

If you are a beginner, this course is a great introduction to piano playing. It will help to cultivate the connection between your mind and various parts of your fingers, as well as gently stretching your hand span.

The method has featured majorly in the music press, especially in the British media, described as ‘The 21st century answer to playing the piano' by Yoga & Health Magazine, as well as vouched for by Piano Professional magazine: It really does work. Many pianists have been helped with this unorthodox and unusual method.

The method is available on a subscription basis from Vimeo at the promotional fee of £5.21 per month. Once purchased, the course is available for streaming on your desktop, iPad and iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


What musicians say about Piano-Yoga® Exercises:

'Couldn't help but exclaim "1B, that's me!'" Not having any specific system and certainly not the depth of training she has, I was surprised to find that position 1B exactly matches how I play in public despite being taller than average. This was my first glimpse of Piano-Yoga® and enough to make me believe GéNIA knows what she's talking about.' Darius Brubeck, American jazz keyboardist and educator

'Piano-Yoga® is more than a book of exercises. It is an holistic approach focusing on all aspects of performance and the performer.'

Ian Grundy, pianist, piano teacher and composer

'GéNIA is one of the most exciting, dynamic and daring pianists I've met in recent years. Her approach to the development of piano technique and personal development are both highly effective and original, combining the Russian tradition with a modern musical outlook. I recommend the Piano-Yoga® course most highly.' Douglas Finch, Professor of Piano and Composition, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London

Karen Marshall, Music Teacher


I hope you enjoy this series and if you have any questions, as always, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Happy practising!



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