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New Release from GéNIA: 'Bella Ciao' by Paolo Cognetti for Ukraine! Release Date 8th July 2022

Dear All,

We are delighted to share with you GéNIA's new release - 'Bella Ciao', the arrangement of the famous Italian folk song which became the anthem of the resistance movement by the partisans, who opposed Nazi-fascism during their fight against the occupying forces of the Nazis. Devastated by the current war in Ukraine, the Italian composer Paolo Cognetti wanted to express his solidarity with Ukrainian people.

This beautifully arranged composition is dedicated to GéNIA with the title 'Peace in Ukraine'. All the proceeds from this record will go to Ukraine (To be exact, initially the funds will be sent to help sick kids from Kharkiv to be transported to Western hospitals, where they already have been accepted for treatments).

It has been released today, the 8th of July 2022.

Please download here (or from the widget below) and spread the word if you can, as if more people download the track, the more we can help. There are just under 8 Billion people on this planet, so if each of us makes a little contribution, we can help many!

Many thanks to Paolo Cognetti for his creation and Cicely Balston from AIR Studios for mastering the track, which was recorded and produced by GéNIA

With love, Piano-Yoga® Team


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