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Introducing Mindfulness Playlists to my Audience

Dear All,

In these difficult times, I have decided to start creating playlists of my music for you which, hopefully, will make your days slightly better!

Today's playlist is about mindfulness. First I wanted to name it 'chilling out playlist', but then realised that everyone is chilling in their own way and it has nothing to do with mindfulness, as when we chill, we often switch off our mind completely.

Here is the playlist which may allow you to be more tuned within yourself and connected with your inner core.

Let me know if this is the case, as I would love to hear from you!

You can stream all compositions directly from my website for free (unless you'd like to download them into your own music library).

Additionally, as from today, I have made all my compositions available for streaming in full across my website ( free of charge.

Remember, the more we focus on beautiful things, whether it's music, nature or anything else, the more our perception of the world around us as well as within us makes us happier and more fulfilled. 

Follow this link to listen to the Mindfulness Playlist Week 1



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