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Happy Holidays from Piano-Yoga®: Introducing 22 unique gift ideas for the festive season.

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Dear All,

This is that special time of the year when we try to prepare for the festive holiday season and looking for unique presents for our loved ones, family, friends and colleagues! These days we are spoilt for choice, as we can find many versatile and beautiful gifts all around.

Here, at Piano-Yoga®, we are offering our selection of unique musical experiences. Below are a few examples of what we have on offer, but our Special Winter Bundle Catalog consists of 22 products, which we especially selected for you, Piano-Yoga® supporters, in mind.

Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises

This gift voucher is for the book that started it all - ‘Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises.’ With glowing reviews from the publications Piano Professional Magazine and International Piano among others, this methodology book is a wonderful gift for the intermediate to advanced pianist. Secure a digital copy of GéNIA's book for a special price £11 (RRP £14.99) or purchase a hard-copy for £20. (RRP £24.99)

If you would like to give someone a truly unique experience, look no further: Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson is for you! Available to students from all over the world at our Piano-Yoga® online studio, Assessment Lessons are designed specifically for pianists wanting a one-off induction with the concert pianist, GéNIA. All sessions will focus on the development of a bespoke personal practice plan to help you achieve your aims. And whether you are considering a present for a professional pianist, amateur, conservatoire student, teacher or the parent of a budding young pianist, Assessment Lessons offer something for everyone:

"I'd highly recommend it... GéNIA is an inspiring teacher and gifted pianist - I couldn't wait to play the piano when I returned home" Karen Marshall - Music Teacher Magazine Professional

We also offer the Gift Vouchers for Piano Lesson with GéNIA and Piano-Yoga® Session with GéNIA

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a voucher for GéNIA's video tutorial and book combined. For only £50 you will receive 4.5 hours of guidance in the form of a multi-stage video tutorial, as well as a digital copy of GéNIA’s acclaimed ‘Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises.’

You can also purchase separate a Gift Voucher for GéNIA's video tutorial 'Transform Your Practice: A Complete 10 Stage Guide'.

With the option of choosing either two, three, four or seven scores in digital format, you will be able to play pieces from GéNIA's albums ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’, ‘Babylon’ and forthcoming 'Voyages Français' album for yourself and family and friends. During this festive season you can purchase three scores for £10 (RRP £15), four scores for £15 (RRP £20), five scores for £20 (RRP £25) and seven scores for only £30 (RRP £35).

The winter holiday bundle is ideal for any music-lover in your life. For only £30, you can gift your loved one (or yourself!) four of GéNIA’s acclaimed albums.This product includes GéNIA's CDs "Babylon" ( 12 Tracks) and 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' Volume 1 (5 tracks), 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' Volume 2 (6 tracks) and Limited Edition Single 'Someone Like You'. Described by The Times as ‘an outstanding musician’, GéNIA’s reflective music can give serenity to your daily life. You are welcome to request an autographed copy for no additional charge! (Packages of two CDs for £20 and three CDs for £25 also available).

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a gift voucher for a framed canvas artwork based on the design of her popular single ‘Babylon’ as well as a signed CD of the album 'Babylon'. Price £100.00


Created by the company ‘Colors’, long-standing collaborators of GéNIA’s, this image conveys the vibrancy and vitality of the music. GéNIA was so impressed and moved by the thoughtful design that she was immediately inpired to create a painting based on it! With its energy, it can brighten and revitalise any space!

The framed image, printed on canvas, comes in size 12"x12" and includes a hook for hanging. With only 100 copies made, each one will be stamped, numbered and signed by GéNIA. Currently we have 3 in-store available.

If you'd like GéNIA to write anything else on the back of the canvas, please let us know when ordering!

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a gift voucher for a framed hand-written score by GéNIA of her popular single 'Babylon' and a signed version of the album 'Babylon'. Price £100.00

Hand-written Page

'I compose my music by writing on a piece of paper, following the footsteps of Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt. I compose not only at the piano, but also in a caffes, tube, public transport, parks and many other places. I am offering my listeners a unique opportunity to obtain a hand-written score of Babylon or a piece of their choice!' GéNIA

If you would like to get a hand-written score of any of GéNIA's published composition, please order choosing from the link provided on the product page. We will aim to get you the score within 10 business days.

Babylon Album

Released on the 29 March 2019, the album is offering 12 piano solo compositions.

GéNIA chose the name 'Babylon' for her album as a reference to the historical period during which the glowing Babylon region progressed to the most advanced level, developing culture, art, science, architecture, commerce and other disciplines only to be destroyed by it's own residents. By drawing the attention to the past, GéNIA hopes, that her audience will become more aware of the processes through which our society is going through today and be able to recognise these similar patterns in order to prevent the decline of the current highly adavnced cultural, scientific and economic state which we achieved today and deserve to celebrate and harness.

We are offering a unique experience to join GéNIA virtually in her studio. In this time GéNIA will take you through many aspects of her creative process including:

  • How she composes her music

  • Her approach to notation

  • How she chooses the best piano to compliment the piece.

It will suit any music lover who has ever wondered how is music composed, created and produced!


We hope that our selection of gifts will offer you inspiration and will be a great accompaniment to your and your loved ones holiday season. You can always visit our Shop Page to view all the gifts which we have on offer. You can use the side bar on the left hand side where you can choose products from different categories (ranging from lessons, books to sheet music, CDs and framed canvas).

We wish you creative, happy and healthy holiday season!

With love,

GéNIA and the Piano-Yoga® Team


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