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GéNIA releases her new composition 'St Michelle' together with its score.

Here at Piano-Yoga®, we are happy to announce that GéNIA recently released her new composition St Michelle together with its score!

‘St Michelle’, is dedicated to the old village St. Michelle D’Euzet, where GéNIA used to spend almost every summer in the house of her wonderful god-mother, and her husband, the composer David Mindell. The house was full of interesting people and varies instruments. During summer soiriées, GéNIA met many inspiring people and gave concerts. Surrounded by beautiful nature and food, it is one of her favourite places to visit in France.

This is a fourth composition in her ‘Voyages Français’ EP. The EP ‘Voyages Français’ was inspired by GéNIA‘s frequent journeys to her beloved France. France was the country where GéNIA first started to compose, influenced by the nature, art, local food and, of course, wonderful people whom she met on her journeys. ‘Voyages Français’ EP is dedicated to 5 different experiences, memories of which remained with the composer throughout her life.

You can add this composition to your music library by following THIS LINK.

GéNIA has also released the sheet music of 'St Michelle'. It can be obtained by immediate download HERE. It will suit intermediate to advanced piano players. In this composition, GéNIA pays attention to various types of piano, ranging from pianissimo to mezzo piano whilst establishing consistent sound.

On the 23d of July at 12 pm BST GéNIA is releasing the music video on her YouTube channel, where one can watch the music score together with the music, following it note by note. If you have any questions about the interpretations, you can join GéNIA at the Premiere!

If you would like to purchase all 4 compositions from GéNIA's 'Voyages Français' EP, you can download them HERE. These are beautiful pieces which can enhance any musical evening!

Enjoy! 😊

The Piano-Yoga® Team


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