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Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga®  For intermediate and advanced pianists

Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga® For intermediate and advanced pianists

Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga®  For intermediate and advanced pianists


In this chapter you will be introduced to Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga®.

At first glance this stage seems very simple, but in reality can be extremely powerful. It is recommended these exercises be done immediately after Stage One or after any intense technical work on the piano, as the hands should be warm and fingers moderately strong before you start your Yin Piano-Yoga® practice. Combined with optional breath-work these exercises could increase the stretching capacity of your muscles even more.

It is also helpful to do Yin Piano-Yoga® before any concerts and performances. If you follow the instructions in this chapter, you may experience a calmness within both your body and mind during and after working on these exercises. This may help you to achieve the right frame of mind, before exams and performances.

With the correct approach you can feel connected physically, mentally, and spiritually to your instrument.


Technical Information

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Published Date: 11/02/2009

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