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Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga®  For advanced pianists

Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga® For advanced pianists

Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga®

For advanced pianists


In this chapter you will be introduced to Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga®.

This is the final stage of the whole course. By the time you reach Stage Three, if you have been following all the instructions from the previous stages correctly, your fingers should be stronger and your hand span wider than when you started.

GéNIA, creator of Piano-Yoga®:

"I created Stage Three when I started getting too familiar with the exercises from the previous stages. These were developed to be more challenging while still continuing the work on the strength and span of my hand.

Some of the exercises here sound like short minimalist pieces. You can also play around with varying the rhythms of each one, so each time they sound fresh!"

The exercises in Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga® may require more then four weeks to master and designed with the advanced pianists in mind. Only do them if they feel comfortable and if the hands start to get tired stop and rest. It is highly recommended you play the exercises from Stage Three together with the exercises from ALL the previous stages.

If you are an advanced pianist and feel that you are out of practice, play Stages One, Two and Three together daily.


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