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Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®  For intermediate and advanced pianists  Part one: F

Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga® For intermediate and advanced pianists Part one: F

Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®

For intermediate and advanced pianists

  • Part one: For small hands
  • Part two: For large hands

In this chapter you will be introduced to Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®.

This stage is the most important in the whole course which is why it is referred to as Core Piano-Yoga®. It was originally created by GéNIA as the primary set of piano exercises to help stretch her hands and fingers.

All the other stages were created later and work in conjunction with Stage One: Core Piano-Yoga®. The Preliminary Stage: Foundation Piano-Yoga® was developed as preparation and Stage Two: Yin Piano-Yoga® and Stage Three: Advanced Piano-Yoga® were created as further development.

GéNIA, creator of Piano-Yoga®:

"Originally I only created what is now Part One of this chapter - For Small Hands. However after continuously coming across students with larger hands, I realized that they too could also benefit from this programme, as it not only allows you to stretch the muscles which work the fingers and hands, but can also help strengthen them faster than using a majority of traditional exercises and scales.

Many of my students asked me to create what is now Part Two of this chapter - For Large Hands. This part can also be attempted by people with smaller hand sizes, providing they have already increased the span and stretch in their hands by practising Part One - For Small Hands for at least three weeks and feel comfortable with the bigger stretches detailed in Part Two"

Many students, from beginners to advanced enjoy doing these exercises to help them warm up and focus at the beginning of their piano lessons.


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