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What Actually Happened at GéNIA's Piano-Yoga® Event in London?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

When 'Latin Vibes' was announced, no-one (including GéNIA) was 100% sure about what to expect. The idea was to introduce yoga to the classical music audience, and offer them simple, short exercises to get them interested in this discipline. Hence, GéNIA decided to do a healthy mix of performance and physical yoga, alternating them one after another.

However, the audience which arrived was very different to the one which was expected. Around 30 participants came armed with yoga mats, beautifully prepared and dressed in immaculate yogic outfits. The concept of the evening was changed there and then. 

'I was the one who enjoyed it the most ' said GéNIA. 'When else does an artist have the opportunity to stretch their body, ground their spirit and then go straight to the piano, many times over in front of their audience! The concert hall became one big yoga practice space, where the spirit of people was united!' I loved playing there and was touched by the beautiful feedback which I received.

This event was the first one in the series which I will be launching next year and I am very grateful to everyone who came and had this wonderful experience with me. I don't teach pure yoga these days, but I love doing it!

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