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Upcoming Masterclass with GéNIA: Breathing and Piano Playing- 11th of February at 7pm GMT

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Breathing is one of the most essential parts of our existence. Without breath, there is no life! It is surprising how many pianists forget to breathe correctly, or even stop breathing all together, suffering the danger of suffocation.

In this masterclass, GéNIA will offer various strategies on how to use your breathing efficiently, how your breath can help you with stage fright, and how it can help you to play more organically. She will also work with up to three participants individually to demonstrate the application of various techniques.

Join GéNIA next Thursday, the 11th of February, for this interactive event, where you can ask her any questions relating to public performance and to challenges which you face when performing.


Although the three performance slots for the master class have been allocated, we welcome you to send us an email if you would like to be considered and put on the waiting list. Please send an email to with the details of your proposed piece along with its duration. If you are selected, you will be invited to play for up to 5 minutes.

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