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New Video Series: GéNIA presents Yoga Exercises for Musicians and Sound Engineers

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Beginning this Sunday the 21st of February, GéNIA will be releasing one new video a day for this week-long series on yoga exercises for musicians and sound engineers.

As a concert pianist, composer, producer, as well as a qualified BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) yoga teacher, GéNIA will share some simple exercises that she regularly incorporates into her daily practice regimen. Whether you are a performer, producer or composer, your life is largely sedentary with a particularly heavy use of your upper body, especially shoulders.

Drawing from traditional yoga asanas, GéNIA has modified some of her favourite poses that are especially effective in releasing fatigued shoulders. One exercise in particular is especially useful in improving one's posture at the keyboard. No previous experience is necessary, and many of the exercises can be done without even leaving your chair or piano bench! Incorporating these little exercises, even if only for five minutes a day, will allow you to feel refreshed and, thus, be more productive.

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Please note that if you already have some health conditions, particularly problems with shoulders, hands, wrists or high blood pressure (amongst others), please consult your doctor before embarking on any of these exercises.

'Genia's calm and practical approach and holistic expertise in yoga means she can tailor a wonderful practice for that moment. She has a wonderful way of explaining postures, even basic ones which I thought I knew, have now been deepened. I haven’t found this with any other yoga teacher. Namaste, Genia.' - Allison Burza

'I had the honour of taking a singer's yoga class with Ms. Genia at the MUSYCA children's choir camp and absolutely loved it! Not only were these exercises essential for opening my breathing as a singer, but helped greatly with my posture and cramping while sitting down in front of the computer screen all day. The exercises I learned from Genia are something I will continue doing for the rest of my singing career and beyond. Her class was an incredible experience and made me understand the importance of yoga and stretching when it comes to music. I would recommend this class to absolutely everyone and would take it a million times over again!' - Natalie Shtangrud

We hope that you enjoy these exercises! If you want to see any particular exercises or issues addressed please leave your comments underneath this video and GéNIA will address them in her next video posts.

Stay safe and well,

With love,

Piano-Yoga® Team


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