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New Masterclass with GéNIA: Breathing and Piano Playing - Myth versus Reality

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Following her sold-out masterclass in Holland, GéNIA will soon be hosting another event. On the 11th of February, GéNIA will present another masterclass exclusively focused on the importance of breathing while playing the piano.

In a yoga class, the teacher often directs their student to employ specific types of breathing. Breathing techniques serve a variety of purposes, from relaxing our muscles to increasing our energy levels. As a British Wheel of Yoga certified teacher, GéNIA has devised ways of using these techniques to enhance our experience at the instrument. Breathing can even be used as a tool to help with stage nerves and other issues. Whether you are an amateur pianist or preparing for a public performance or exam, GéNIA will propose techniques especially to help you.

In this masterclass, GéNIA will work with up to three participants individually to demonstrate the application of various techniques. If you would like to perform, please send us ( the details of your proposed piece with its duration no later than the 25th of January. If you have any particular concerns, include them in your application. If selected, you will be invited to play for up to 5 minutes.

You can RSVP to this exclusive online event by clicking here.


Congratulations to Ben Starner for winning our giveaway! Ben has received a free pass to GéNIA’s video tutorial ‘Transform Your Practice: An 11-Stage Guide.’

If you’d like to learn more about 'Transform Your Practice: An 11 Stage Guide', click here. We have also posted seven excerpts from the series on our YouTube channel to give you a preview of the tutorial. If you have any questions about the video tutorial, leave a comment and we will gladly reply.

Happy practising, everyone!


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