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‘Mon Amour’ - Special Release of GéNIA’s Original Composition for Valentine's Day!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Starting from today, the 12th of February, GéNIA’s composition ‘Mon Amour (Home Version)’ is available on all digital streaming services.

❤️If you are thinking of your loved one and would like to make a surprise little present to him or her, this could be this unique gift, which will make your day even more special, especially for those of us, who by some reason, can not be with our loved ones on this day.❤️

Originally featured on her 2014 EP ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow - Volume 2,’ GéNIA was inspired to revisit and re-compose this piece after receiving emotional response from her live audience (especially when performing it in France), to numerous online comments and requests for the sheet music of this composition. It’s her message to her fans in these difficult times, to show that love always prevails over the hardships of life.

Spending her time in lockdown, GéNIA decided to re-create this composition, as well as record it at her own home on her beloved Steinway, which was built in 1932. This is also GéNIA’s debut as a producer, as she recorded and mixed the track herself. Since having been captured in the lockdown, she started recording and producing her music by establishing a recording studio at home, learning recording and production skills, based on her personal experience as a recording artist (in the past GéNIA has recorded albums for Universal Production Music, released on Chappell Label, Nonclassical Label, run by Gabriel Prokofiev, Black Box Label, with the multi-Grammy nominated record producer Chris Craker, and her own label, GéNIA MUSIC, working with the double-BAFTA award winner and six-time Emmy nominee, sound engineer Nigel Heath).

GéNIA was moved to re-compose and produce ‘Mon Amour’ especially for Valentine’s Day this year. Indeed, this holiday is particularly difficult this year as many of us are separated from our loved ones. It is GéNIA’s hope that this music will bring you a moment of peace and comfort. In addition, GéNIA is releasing a special video to ‘Mon Amour’ on the 14th. She hopes that the recording will make the day special for you, and that her recording will serve as a thoughtful gift to someone close to your heart.

Sheet music for ‘Mon Amour’ is available by clicking here, on GéNIA’s artistic website.


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