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Introducing New Meditation Series for Musicians with GéNIA

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

In this video, GéNIA shares a meditation technique that has helped her maintain her focus and peace of mind, even when encountering stressful and overwhelming situations as a performing artist. Since then, she shared this technique with many of her students during her retreats, workshops and masterclasses, as an efficient tool for a performance strategy.

The technique in this video prepares your mind for practice and ensures that you will be playing at the best of your ability.

Keep in mind, that this meditation is also beneficial to non-musicians, as it can help to deal with day-to-day challenges, and we encourage you to share this video with your friends and loved ones.

At under ten minutes, GéNIA guides you in a spoken meditation that can be done anytime or anywhere. The heart of this meditation practice is to increase the distance between yourself and any challenges you are encountering in your life.

Following along to GéNIA’s voice, this meditation opens with a grounding exercise, where GéNIA invites you to pay closer attention to how and where you are sitting. Whether you are sitting on a chair or on the floor, by acknowledging the points of your body that are grounded, you will become more present and aware of your body.

Once this awareness has been established, GéNIA invites you into a visualisation exercise in which you will invite your challenges into your mind while separating yourself from them. She recommends that you create this separation by visualising an issue as a separate matter and even assigning it a colour. The exercise ends with you ‘throwing away’ each issue in your mind’s eye. At the end of the exercise, many people report feeling lighter and more at peace.

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, and lengthen attention spans. If incorporated into your daily life, you may find that a regular meditation practice boosts your mood and improves your sleep patterns. Why not take ten minutes to give it a try? We wish you a peaceful and wonderful experience.


This meditation is taken from GéNIA's 4.5-hour video tutorial entitled 'Transform Your Practice.' It is being published here as a free gift especially for the holiday season. GéNIA has been sharing this technique with her students during her lessons, workshops, and retreats as a performance strategy.


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