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GéNIA’s Music Features in Spanish Ballet Production

Premiering this weekend, GéNIA’s music will be featured in Bogumer a ballet featuring contemporary dance.

Directed by the Spanish performer, choreographer, and painter Vero Cendoya, Bogumer is an hour-long production about ‘the search for one’s own identity and the dynamics of power.’ The ballet is set in Russia a the beginning of the 20th-century.

GéNIA’s music was specially chosen by the choreographer and trainer of the Spanish Olympic team to be used in this production. GéNIA’s track ‘Babylon’ is featured in a scene where the dancers present an exercise of rhythmic gymnastics as part of the USSR team. In the early 20th-century, only piano music was admitted in such competitions.

Bogumer will be exhibited in venues throughout Europe until 2023 with an average of fifteen performances per year. To have more information about this exciting collaboration, click here.

Listen to Babylon, the featured track, by clicking below:


Credits for Bogumer

Directed by Vero Cendoya

Photographer: Kiku Piñol

Assistant Photographer: Dani Pujalte

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