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GéNIA releases her solo piano composition 'Jean' together with the score

Dear all,

Here at Piano-Yoga® we are delighted for GéNIA with the success of her single 'Jean'. Since having been released last month it has already had over 4,500 plays on Spotify with her music been placed in over 150 playlists.

The slightly murky feeling of ‘Jean’, is a fond memory of a French child, the son of GéNIA's friends, who had a very playful, slightly delicate and creative nature; he played the piano, built sand-castles, read books and even cooked, but his big sad eyes always had that intense and inquisitive look. This composition is the second piece in the series ‘Voyages Français’’, and is dedicated to that special friendship.

To save the track on your Spotify playlist or get it from Apple Music and iTunes, please click on the widget below or just click HERE.

If you would like to obtain the score, just click on the cover image below and you can get an immediate download. It will suit intermediate to advanced pianists.

You can also watch the music video with the score, where you can follow the music note by note.

Happy playing!

With love,

The Piano-Yoga® Team


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