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'Chopin and me' - fundraising concert by GéNIA - 23 April 2021

In this concert, I will be playing some of Chopin's Nocturnes, and talking about stories behind each composition and how Chopin's music influenced my composition and playing style. I also will sharing with you my new compositions with you from my new EP 'Voyages Français', especially those which will be released later in the Spring, so you will be the first to hear them!

Additionally, I will play some compositions which I have never performed in public before, as they were released only on digital channels from the album 'Memory Waves'.

I would like to keep the atmosphere of the event quite intimate, as at my live concerts, hence I decided to offer this concert only to my core audience, so it will be streamed on Zoom.

This concert is also a fundraiser for my GéNIA MUSIC Label, the boutique record company through which I release my compositions. The proceeds from the concert will go into future music production, video production, sheet-music production, and music promotion costs which, considering that I am releasing at least 2 compositions per month, are substantial!

For those of you who can kindly donate over £100, I would be very happy to include your name in the video, as well as on our website as one of the sponsors, if you would like! But if you just want to listen and enjoy the music, I will also be grateful. After the lockdown, a live audience is even more vital for artists than ever before.

So if you'd like to register for the event (the registration is free) please click on RSVP link.

If you kindly like to support my music, please click on this GéNIA MUSIC PayPal link.

Thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing you at the concert!

With love,


Chopin and Me - GéNIA's concert on Zoom

23 April 2021 at 8pm GMT

Tickets: Free Entry however donations are most welcome GéNIA MUSIC PayPal link.

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