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In a series of retreats starting this July, the visionary Russian virtuoso pianist GéNIA will be sharing the cutting-edge piano method that is Piano-Yoga® at three inspiring venues in London: Schott Music, Kings Place and Steinway Hall.  On a retreat, pianists from advanced-beginner to advanced level will find everything they need to transform their playing whilst gaining a more in-depth insight into the Piano-Yoga® philosophy and lifestyle of well-being.

A retreat offers the ideal opportunity for immersion in this fun and effective new holistic piano method.  In just one day you can experience all that Piano-Yoga® has to offer, with a combination of pure yoga and relaxation classes, technical 'Piano-Yoga®' exercises, performance psychology and group piano masterclasses.  Unlike regular Piano-Yoga® classes, a retreat provides the chance to completely disconnect from the daily grind and get into an optimal frame of mind to focus entirely on the piano in a nurturing environment.  And for the solitary pianist one of the obvious benefits of a retreat is the opportunity to work on your piano as part of a group of like-minded people, make new friends and share ideas.

On a Piano-Yoga® retreat you will learn how to:

  • organise your practice
  • improve concentration
  • establish good posture at the piano
  • build strength and suppleness in the fingers and hands
  • increase hand span
  • develop good listening technique
  • master different qualities of sound
  • develop rhythm and articulation
  • conquer performance nerves
  • memorise repertoire effectively
  • unlock your individual music interpretation
Each retreat will also include an optional masterclass with GéNIA.

Who can attend a Piano-Yoga® retreat?  

Piano-Yoga® retreats are open to amateur and professional pianists alike of all levels from the age of 14 upwards.  So whether you are a conservatoire student looking to polish your technique, a concert pianist concerned about an injury, a piano teacher looking to broaden your pedagogical horizons or an amateur pianist simply wanting to get the most out of your piano, come and join us – leave your worries at the door, kick off your shoes and enjoy your favorite activity in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Visit www.piano-yoga.com/blog/ to read GéNIA’s latest blog on the inspiration behind the Piano-Yoga® retreats.

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