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Piano-Yoga® Recording Facilities

The Piano-Yoga® School provides recording facilities to those students who would like to have a good quality recording of their performance. You may wish to record for several reasons:

- To analyse your playing before a public performance or exam.

- To have a well recorded and produced album of your playing which would be an beautiful gift to your friends and family.

- To provide recordings for you to send to prospective colleges and universities

- Simply as a record of your achievements


We have the latest high quality portable recording equipment as well as state of the art music production facilities. Depending on your needs, we can edit and produce your music to create the best sound and 'perfect performance'.  We can provide you with as many CD??s as you want as well as digital sound files (.wav, .aif, .mp3). 


Equipment Hire: £30 (one off fee)

Hourly Recording Rate: £65/hour.
Hourly Mastering Rate: £65/hour.
CD Production: Free plain CD & Files | £2 for each  extra CD | £20 extra for CD text and artwork.


Recording sessions could take place at your home or a location of your choice. Time in a recording studio can be arranged for those who wish to record in a professional environment, separate fees are be applied.

Piano-Yoga® Recording Facilities


Contact Richard McDonald to arrange a recording session at:
e: Click HERE to email the school.
t: +44 (0)7948 447 492
Skype: 'piano-yoga'
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