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Piano-Yoga® Music School | London

It's never too late to make your dream of playing the piano come true!

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Piano-Yoga® Music School, London!

I hope that you enjoy browsing through our constantly growing Piano-Yoga® website.

Started out of pure necessity to create a method that would enable me to develop and improve my own technique, Piano-Yoga® has undergone a series of transformations, currently evolving not only as a unique piano technique, but also as a lifestyle philosophy and well-being discipline, designed especially for musicians. The method embraces the needs of amateurs and professionals alike and aims to create a holistic approach to piano education.

The Piano-Yoga® Music School runs in conjunction with our sister organisation, the GéNIA MUSIC Piano School. Whilst GéNIA MUSIC Piano School continues to offer ‘standard’ tuition ranging from one-to-one classical piano lessons to jazz and theory courses (please see the full range below), Piano-Yoga® works on the hands and body whilst enhancing musical skills, helping to create the correct mindset and generating feelings of well-being.
GéNIA ensures that all our teachers share her philosophy and provide the highest standard of teaching. Despite her performances and businesses, GéNIA still loves to teach, providing regular 1-2-1 lessons for amateurs and professionals alike.

As a  Piano-Yoga® member and student at our School, we would be very happy to embrace you as a student or parent in our community; you will be able to participate in our regular School concerts and have the opportunity to play in various Festivals and other public venues, as well as enjoying priority booking to our wide range of events, which include concerts, workshops, masterclasses and other musical and well-being gatherings. Furthermore, you can also benefit from a wide range of special Member discounts redeemable not only on Piano-Yoga® products, but also on a wide range of concerts, services and other products provided by our partners and sponsors.

If you would like to find out more please look through our pages or give our Administrator, Richard McDonald, a call - he will be happy to help and suggest the most suitable programme for your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our School.

With love and light,


London Piano Lessons

About the Piano School:

The Piano-Yoga® School is a unique centre for piano tuition which uses the Piano-Yoga® 21st-century, holistic system of piano playing, performing and teaching. The school was founded by Russian virtuoso pianist and Piano-Yoga® creator, GéNIA. Located in the heart of London, the school offers an individual approach to learning designed to support each student and their family. Our teachers come from many different backgrounds and teaching styles, but are united under one main philosophy: to provide a nurturing, non-competitive educational environment where the student feels protected and inspired. 

‘Piano-Yoga® is more than a book of exercises. It is a holistic approach focusing on all aspects of performance and the performer. The exercises increase strength and coordination between different parts of the finger and hand, but also focus on the complex relationship between the whole body and mind in the act of performance.  This approach focuses on the fundamentals of all music making and is not reserved for GeNIA’s advanced, but for all of her, students.’

Ian Grundy, pianist, piano teacher and composer

The Piano-Yoga® School welcomes beginners, intermediate and advanced-level musicians of all ages and backgrounds. We continuously strive to develop and grow by offering new courses and products to our students. This ranges from one-to-one classical piano tuition, jazz, composition and theory lessons, to unique Piano-Yoga® classes, Piano + Yoga Sessions, and Piano + Therapy Sessons. And if you’re not based in London, don’t fear; we are now offering online Skype tuition too!

Twice a year you will be offered a chance to perform in a public concert together with other students from the Piano-Yoga® School.

’With her positive, non-defeatist approach she [GéNIA] emphasizes the joy and satisfaction of playing at any level and I would encourage any pianist, amateurs and professionals alike, to sign up to one of her courses, buy her book, and see for themselves how, with time, patience and belief, anything is possible!’

International Piano Magazine

Our main principles:

  • To fully support the individuality of the student
  • To develop a strong sense of self-confidence in each student
  • To help the student think and feel like an independent and creative artist
  • To promote a healthy environment in which to learn the piano
  • To pay significant attention to the whole body-mind process
  • To develop a positive attitude towards the learning process
  • To enable both technical excellence and musical expression as equally important components.  

’An outstanding musician…  She knows how to communicate with her audience, and has the virtuosity that marks her out as a natural pianist.’

The Times

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