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Wed 4th Mar 2015 - GéNIA Performs at the Steinway Festival, Soho
GéNIA to plat Steinway Festival at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho
Sun 8th Mar 2015 - Piano-Yoga® Masterclass with GéNIA at Pizza Express Soho
This interactive masterclass, with the founder Russian virtuoso pianist GéNIA, will give participants a unique opportunity to get personalised feedback about their playing, including tips on the technique, concentration exercises and performance nerve strategies.
Sat 21 Mar 2015 - GéNIA Music School Spring Concert
Our bi-annual GéNIA MUSIC School Concert will be taking place on Saturday 21st March at 6.30 pm. This event gives our students the opportunity to perform what they have learned throughout the year in a creative environment in front of our patrons, friends and family.
Thu 9th April 2015 - GéNIA Performs at OSO Centre
GéNIA Performs at the OSO Arts Centre


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