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Thank you from GéNIA to all Piano-Yoga® Club members!

January 13th, 2016 — 1:18pm

Piano-Yoga Club with GéNIAThe idea of setting up the Piano-Yoga® Club came to fruition last year, after I received numerous emails and requests from our lovely supporters. Now, looking back, after having done five Piano-Yoga® Clubs, I must admit that it has been not only very productive, but also a very moving experience for me. By now we have some long-standing loyal supporters, whom I call ‘Piano-Yoga® Veterans’, and, at the same time, we continuously have new guests, often those who are visiting London and come just for one event.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the feedback that I have received, and this is what gives me growing confidence in the usefulness of Piano-Yoga®. Whether you have stage fright issues, problems with the technique, pains in your body that relate to or arise from practising, Piano-Yoga® has something to offer everyone. Bringing yoga into piano playing, from the anatomical and psychological point of view, dramatically changes one’s attitude to piano playing and therefore to playing itself.

Last time we had guests from the Unites States and also from the other cities in the UK. I now have been asked to organise similar events online, as for many of you it is not easy to come to London. I promise to work on that, and we will try to do something as soon as possible.

Meanwhile here is some of the feedback that I received:

‘An excellent class taught by an excellent teacher! The class is one of a kind in London!’ Salman   

Piano-Yoga Club‘Illuminating!’ Meredith 

‘Very useful! Practising revamped:-) Maybe more events outside of London?’ Liz

‘Very helpful indeed, especially structuring one’s practice time. Plus I feel more energised and more alert after doing your recommended exercises!’ Deborah

‘Another very illuminating Piano-Yoga® Club – I really enjoyed it and looking forward to applying some of the techniques!’ S.P.C.

‘Always very insightful and helpful!’ Olivia

Thank you very much again, and I wish you all wonderful and fruitful 2016!

Looking forward to seeing you at our Piano-Yoga® Club events!

With love,


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Inspirational Piano-Yoga® Club Launch in London!

September 23rd, 2015 — 9:02am

GeniaPianoYogaClubLaunchWe were delighted with the September Piano-Yoga® Club Launch!  Schott Music Shop provided a warm welcome and Steinway grand piano gave a beautiful opportunity for participants to try out various techniques there and then. Having a lovely crowd, with participants including piano teachers and amateur players, we discussed grounding as the main element of any practice, emphasising all the aspects that are necessary for successful piano performance. Trying various exercises, learning about feet (yes feet!), as they provide the foundation for your success, talking about the important role of your abdominal area and, of course, shoulders! The Club over-ran as was expected, but GéNIA was touched with the notes that she received afterwards. The club gathering was truly inspirational and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

Don’t forget that if you have any particular questions or topics that you would like to discuss, please email us in advance and GéNIA will do her best to cover this in her session. The details of the next Piano-Yoga® Club on the 7th of October  could be found HERE!


‘I was one revitalised pianist and a teacher ready with a new range of tools to support and develop her students! Thank you GéNIA, this was a five-star course.’

Karen Marshall, Music Teacher Magazine

Want to know more about Piano-Yoga® Club? Why don’t you visit the Piano-Yoga® club, every 1st Wednesday on the month in London. Click HERE for more details.

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