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Calling all future Piano-Yoga® Teachers out there!

October 20th, 2015 — 3:32pm

We are very excited to let you know that the Piano-Yoga® Teacher Training Programme has almost been finalised. GéNIA has been working very hard to create a simple and structured method which will be easy to learn for those who would like to become a certified Piano-Yoga® Teacher.

To help us to put the finishing touches to the course, we would be the most grateful if you could let us know how many of you are seriously interested in becoming qualified Piano-Yoga® teachers by emailing us as well as enclosing the details of your current qualifications in piano performance and/or teaching, and the level of your experience in practising yoga. Please also indicate if you will be prepared to take an online Piano-Yoga® course in case you cannot attend the course in person. Anyone who emails us will automatically receive a special early bird concession for the Piano-Yoga® Teacher Training Course.

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GéNIA Talks on BBC LONDON 94.9 Radio about The Piano-Yoga® Club

August 5th, 2015 — 7:17am
GéNIA talks to Jo Good on her show at BBC London Radio 94.9

GéNIA talks to Jo Good on her show at BBC London Radio 94.9

GéNIA was a guest on Jo Good Show at BBC London  94.9 Radio on Tuesday, the 4th of August, where she talked in details about the launch of  the Piano-Yoga® Club, what to expect, who is it for and when it will start. If you are considering of joining the Club this interview will give you a great insight (starts from 1:07): LISTEN HERE 

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Piano-Yoga® Launches 30 Second Tips Video Series

March 15th, 2013 — 4:31pm

Piano-Yoga® has launched a new video series to quickly help musicians all over the world: Piano-Yoga® 30 Second Tips! These bite sized videos contain essential advice on piano playing from the founder of Piano-Yoga® itself, virtuoso concert pianist GéNIA, with all the material taken from the large database of Piano-Yoga® workshops, retreats and presentations that took place in the last few years. In this current fast paced, highly stressed society, 30 Second Tips provide piano players with a quick and easy insight into the unique Piano-Yoga® method, described as ‘The first entirely new piano technique to emerge in over 50 years.’ – Yoga & Health Magazine, and offer practical and rare techniques to enable a healthy way to play the piano whilst enhancing personal well-being. And all this can be mastered in only 30 seconds!

From how the position of your feet can influence your playing to how your thumb (Thenar muscle) can revitalise your technique, our Piano-Yoga® videos cover a wide range of topics, including stage fright issues, rhythm, memory problems, how best to organise your practice and much more. Piano-Yoga® continues to present workshops, retreats, masterclasses and lectures all over the world, both online and on stage, passing on in depth knowledge on how to improve your playing and well-being, as both of these aspects are deeply interconnected. Watch our videos to start making the changes in your playing today.

Click HERE to view Piano-Yoga®’s other videos.

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Piano-Yoga® Launches New Assessment Lessons

February 17th, 2011 — 4:17pm


New year – New start with Piano-Yoga®: Assessment Lessons launched!

So often when I meet pianists for the first time they tell me: “I love playing piano, never any good at it as a child though. I hated practising and ive only just started to pick up the instrument again, but I wish I was more disciplined” or, “When is a good time for my daughter to start learning the piano?  She loves clapping and dancing to music, but is this a good enough basis to start having lessons?”  Quite often professionals complain: “Recently I started having terrible back pain – after a day at the piano, I feel completely exhausted.”  These are all very common and valid concerns, but the good news is that Piano-Yoga® can help.  With these questions in mind, and as it is still beginning of the year, as of February 2011 I am now offering all-new Assessment Lessons.  So, there is no need to book regular sessions or have continuous dependence on your teacher (although these things can be extremely beneficial), or endure a regular trek across the city trying to get to your lesson on time whilst beating the traffic and the rush hour…

During a Piano-Yoga® session your current level of playing will be assessed, highlighting all your strengths and weaknesses; we will discuss what you would like to achieve musically, look into your current time availability for practising and your ability to manage your schedule, and we will finalise the time scale for achieving your goals (you may even feel you need help in establishing what your goals should be!).  You will leave the lesson with a bespoke, personalised practice plan designed especially for you.

For parents, I will be able to suggest whether it is a good time for your child to start the piano, what type of lessons and books are beneficial at this stage, what you as a parent can do to help your child to learn faster, recommend a good local piano teacher, and provide advice on choosing an appropriate piano.

For professionals, I will focus on your ‘problem’ areas of technique and help you come up with a structured plan to find the best solution for you.  This may include some pure yoga postures as well as piano exercises.  For pianists suffering from post-injury syndrome, Piano-Yoga® can guide you gently back into practising and playing.  (In fact, in 2008 Piano-Yoga® helped me to get back into playing and onto the podium within 10 weeks after breaking my right wrist!)

For piano teachers, Assessment Lessons can provide the opportunity to ask any questions face-to-face that you have about the Piano-Yoga® method, so you can feel more confident when using it with your own students.  Likewise, anyone using the book can use an Assessment Lesson to get practical advice first-hand about how to execute the technical exercises.

And finally…if you are skeptical about the Piano-Yoga® method, an Assessment Lesson provides the perfect opportunity to test the water for yourself and ask as many questions as you like on a one-to-one basis.

And just to give you a little more of an insight, here’s a clip from one of my latest interviews.

For details of the venue and how to book, please see our website!

Looking forward to meeting you!



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