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Happy Holidays from Piano-Yoga®!

December 23rd, 2017 — 10:47am
GéNIA, the founder of Piano-Yoga®

GéNIA, the founder of Piano-Yoga®

Here at Piano-Yoga® we are taking this opportunity of wishing you a wonderfully happy festive period! This is the time to reconnect with your friends, your family and ….. with yourself! This latter one is very important to remember, as it is the magical time to take care of yourself, your creativity, your health, your inspirations… and it is also a perfect time to reflect, and we so wish you to enjoy this fully wonderful experience to the full.

Remember our mood often dictates us how we feel and, at the same time, if we feel good, we are usually in a better mood;  it is a two way street! And the music is there to support us and make this experience even more magical… Enjoy!

GéNIA xxx


Russian virtuoso pianist and composer GéNIA is a founder of Piano-Yoga® Method. She runs Piano-Yoga® Studio located in Central London: www.piano-yoga.com If you would like to try out Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson, online Piano-Yoga® tuition, or browse through Piano-Yoga® book just visit our website for further information and courses.


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Season’s greetings from Piano-Yoga®!

December 19th, 2012 — 8:16am

Here at Piano-Yoga®, we wish you happiness, health, love and fulfillment, although all in moderation of course.  We hope that this year will bring you everything you dream of and your musical life will only spiral upwards!

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who came to our retreats, concerts and other events this year, as well as express our deep gratitude to our wonderful Piano-Yoga® Music School Students, who bring light and inspiration to our Piano-Yoga® philosophy and continuously help to develop our piano technique.  Please accept our Gift Voucher that could be redeemable against any of your lessons at our School next year.

To celebrate this Christmas, Piano-Yoga® has launched the first aromatherapy oil made especially for musicians, the Piano-Yoga® Relaxation Oil! Developed with the acclaimed aromatherapy expert (and Neal’s Yard Practitioner) Angela Allen, this oil will help to calm the mind, relax and achieve a state of Zen-like bliss, which always helps with unlocking the musical genius within.

As always in December, The Piano-Yoga® Christmas Sale is now on and here you can find our products and services at the special promotional rates. For instance, if you are looking to re-start your piano lessons, maybe one of our Boot Camps is for you! With our help, within only a few weeks you will be playing the piano better than you used to in the twilight recesses of your memory.

Piano-Yoga® Bootcamp Refresher Course


Alternatively, if you like practicing at home, you might like to try our Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson and Practice Plan. With this 6 month practise plan – carefully constructed by our army of elves (seasonal reference point) – we will help you assess your goals, strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of making you the complete piano player.

PIano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson and Practice Plan


If you would like to engross yourself fully into the Piano-Yoga® Method, why not try our new book ‘Piano-Yoga®: Transform Your Hands’ along with The Piano-Yoga Relaxation Oil? This combination will not only work effectively on your piano technique, but will also put you in a great state of mind, making you more receptive to the learning process.

PIano-Yoga® Assessment Lesson and Practice Plan

There is more in store in our Piano-Yoga® Christmas Shop: Skype Lessons for those who cannot travel to London to learn from GéNIA. We also offer eBooks and Paperbacks – just browse through our website for more. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help, just drop us a line or give us a call!

Have the most wonderful holiday!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all the New Year.

Best wishes,

GéNIA & The Piano-Yoga® Team


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